Rules of our tournament


Hart Soccer Showcase Tournament Rules

Unless otherwise specified all games shall adhere to the rules set forth in the current High School Soccer Rule Book and C.I.F. Blue Book.


The Tournament Director shall settle all disputes.


No protests will be allowed.

Check In:

A team representative must check in their team one hour before the team’s first tournament match by providing a printed roster that includes the coach’s name, cell number and email address, as well as all players’ names and corresponding uniform numbers.  This roster shall be affixed to the team’s “master game card” and will be used for each of the team’s matches.


From time to time changes may be made to the original schedules. EACH COACH IS CHARGED WITH THE  RESPONSIBILITY OF ROUTINELY CHECKING OUR TOURNAMENT WEB SITE FOR SCHEDULING CHANGES AND FOR NOTIFYING THEIR PLAYERS OF ANY SUCH CHANGES IN A TIMELY MANNER!  The link to our tournament web site should also be provided to each participant so that they may follow the tournament results in real time.

Coaches are also responsible for the conduct of their players, parents and team supporters at all times. Each team will clear its sidelines of trash after each game. Teams could face a one-point deduction for littering.

No Pets and ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINKS OTHER THAN WATER ON TURF FIELDS.  For games at Masters College, please park in the lot on the northeast corner of Placeritos Blvd. and Quigley Canyon Road.  Do not park on Quigley Canyon Road.

Cautions & Ejections:

Any player receiving a yellow card shall leave the field and may return on the next substitution. Any player or coach receiving a red card SHALL NOT be allowed to participate in the remainder of the current game and the next game. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to suspend players, coaches or
teams for the remainder of the tournament or any part thereof.

Home Team:

The home team will be the first team listed on the game schedule and…
1. Has choice of sides
2. Shall supply 3 game balls which are subject to referee approval
3. Shall change jersey colors if there is a color conflict.


A maximum of five minutes grace period will be allowed, after which the
other team shall be declared winner by forfeit and a score of 1-0 win will be recorded.  A forfeited pool game shall result in that team forfeiting all pool games for scoring purposes, even if subsequent games are played. FORFEITS SHALL BE REPORTED TO THE PRINCIPAL OF THE SCHOOL AND TO THE C.I.F. SOUTHERN SECTION.


Three (3) Points for each win
One (1) Point for each tie
Zero (0) Point for each loss
One (1) point deduction for each “hard” red card.

Tie Breaker In Pool Play:

  1. Head-to-Head
  2. Goal Differential (maximum 4 per game)
  3. Least goals allowed
  4. Most goals scored (maximum 4 per game)
  5. Most Shut Outs

If 2 teams remain tied after the tie-breaker, placement will be determined by coin toss.  In the event more than 2 teams remain tied after using the tie-breaker, the teams will draw numbers to determine final placement in pool. Tournament Director reserves the right to alter semi-final matchups to avoid a “Wild Card” having to play a team from their own pool.  These rules shall be used to determine which teams advance to semi final and final games and shall also apply to determine a champion in brackets where there are no semi final or final games.

Game Lengths:

  • Varsity pool and semi-final games- 35 minute halves.
  • Varsity Championship games played on day 2- 35 minute halves.
  • Varsity Championship games played on day 3- 40 minute halves.
  • All JV and F/S games- 30 minute halves.

Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Varsity Finals played on day 2, JV and F/S Finals:

If the game is tied at the end of regulation, kicks from the mark will be used to determine the winner.

Varsity Championship Games played on day 3:

If the game is tied at the end of regulation, there will be two 10-minute overtime periods, with the winner determined by “Golden Goal.” If the game remains tied, penalty kicks will be used to determine the winner.

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